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The ITRI tin conference confirmed the recovery of tin metal consumption

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2011/01/19 08:45
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ITRI recently held the International Tin Industry Conference in Vancouver, Canada. More than 180 representatives attended the conference. 30 representatives made speeches on the production, consumption, investment, trade and policy of tin industry. The main topics of the speech were as follows:

China continues to give strong support to tin and other metal markets.

This year, the consumption of tin metal has been strongly rebounded;

• the investment part of the new mine production capacity is progressing smoothly;

Technical workers mining and "conflict minerals" remain the focus of attention.

Phil Macoun (Phil Macoun) of the British Commodity Research Institute (CRU), in a speech on the overall review of the metal market, talked about the broader impact of the growth of Chinese market consumption on the metal market. For tin metals, China has rapidly transformed from a big net exporter to a net importer. Although Yunnan Tin Company has developed new mining projects and improved recovery, supply is still limited by shortage of raw materials.

In the first quarter of 2010, global tin solder trade increased by 50% over the same period in 2009. IPC released this figure in its report. In spite of this, there are still many noteworthy problems in tin applications, such as the replacement of PVC stabilizers and more stringent rules and regulations affecting the application of tin in many aspects.

Although many companies, such as Yunnan tin, Tianma, Ming Suhl and Metals X, have invested a lot of funds to develop new mines, and one or two of them will start production in the next few years, most of the projects have not yet been practicable. In addition, some emerging mineral companies are facing financing difficulties due to the current economic downturn.

The mechanic mining has caused a lot of controversy. NGOs and governments around the world restrict tin sources from certain sources, especially from parts of the Republic of Congo. On this issue, the British government and the world bank representative, Jon Hobbs, said that as long as the management is properly managed, mechanic mining can be seen as a development opportunity and a way to break the poverty.

"This is a very successful conference," Peter Kate (Peter Kettle), the manager of the ITRI Department of statistics and marketing, said, "a lot of key issues are discussed on behalf of the conference to represent a large number of speeches. At present, the tin market is generally optimistic, although the euro zone fiscal crisis has a negative impact on this optimistic atmosphere.

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