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Refusing to use mineral resources from the conflict areas in Congo

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2011/01/19 08:47
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Congo, the central and western part of Africa, is rich in mining, hydropower and forest resources, and is relatively well-developed in mining industry. Rich resources of mineral resources such as cobalt and tin and the profiteering of mining are becoming a major cause of frequent violent conflicts among different armed groups in this region, which brings unfortunate and even cost of life to the local people.
"No use of African conflict minerals" has become the focus of tin industry chain in recent years, and the domestic tin industry has responded positively. "Yunnan wind company" as a highly responsible tin smelting enterprise, we uphold justice, abide by the fair, legal operation, support and maintain the healthy development of the tin industry chain, abide by and implement the provisions of the mineral import of the Security Council resolution 1896th, on Congo (gold) and the surrounding clash of tin mines We are highly vigilant to support and cooperate with EICC (Electronic Industry Association) and ITRI (International Tin Industry Association) to promote transparency audit of tin ore supply chain.
Our leadership has always attached great importance to "no use of conflict minerals", and has reported to the provincial chamber of Commerce and the China electronic solder Association in a timely manner. In order to standardize and transparently purchase raw materials for tin mines and to ensure the legitimacy of raw material sources, the company established a leadership group for the review of the supply chain of tin mines in August 2010, and carried out learning and management training for the staff of raw materials at all levels involving "African conflict minerals" policy. The relevant provisions and measures of purchase have set up a complete set of traceability mechanism for imported raw materials and suppliers, and the "non use of African conflict minerals" has been incorporated into the "three standard" quality management system of enterprises. Through the strict examination and control of our departments at all levels, the raw materials of the tin mine purchased by our company are from the legal channels, and do not involve the "African conflict mineral" problem.