"Yun Heng" trademark rights statement

Date:2013年1月23日 14:04

  To: China Electronic Materials Industry Association of electronic tin solder materials branch

  Electronic tin solder industry units, manufacturers, users

  In recent years, the domestic non-ferrous metals market, tin and electronic tin solder products market, and related metal website, there are businesses without my company license, counterfeit and apply "Yunheng" trademark and text name infringement, the consequences of damage "Yun Heng" trademark owner's rights, misleading the market and electronic tin solder production users, impersonate the business. This is a kind of disloyal and unethical business practices, which seriously interfere with our normal product business activities, affecting the brand reputation of "Yun Hang" trademark, without stopping will lead to industry confusion, is not conducive to electronic tin The healthy development of the solder industry.

  The company hereby solemnly declare: I have never authorized the Secretary for any units and individuals can enjoy the "cloud heng" trademark and text names, "Yun Heng" trademark owner "Yunnan wind non-ferrous metals Co., Ltd.", registration number: 6423327 , 5085441, 5085442, 5085440, approved the use of goods: Class 1, Class 6, Class 14; any unit or individual in the same industry products and corporate name counterfeit and apply "Yun Hang" trademark graphics and text The name is illegal, I will use legal means to prosecute.

  The infringing unit is now listed under the relevant information, please China Electronic Materials Industry Association of electronic tin solder materials branch and electronic tin solder industry units, manufacturers, users Screening:

  Infringement unit: Shenzhen Yunheng Solder Products Co., Ltd.

  Registered Address: Bao'an District, Shenzhen Xin'an Road, Po Road, Block 30, Tai Wah Building, a 2-19E (office space)

  Legal representative: Zhong Qixin

  Products: solder products

  Infringement unit: Shenzhen Yunheng Metal Products Co., Ltd. (after consultation has been canceled)

  Registered Address: Bao'an District of Shenzhen City, Fu Shui Wai Street, Shifang Road, Fu Industrial Park A1, second, third, fourth floor

  Legal representative: Lin Mengsheng

  Products: solder products

  Statement: Yunnan Chengfeng Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd

  Date: January 22, 2013

TypeInfo: Industry News

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